Teagime review

Teagime review
Teagime review
Having decided to resort to using tea to lose weight (weight loss), it is worth considering: what kind of results do you expect from this event? The fact is that, unfortunately, these funds are not able to "burn" fat and miraculously rid you of cellulite. The maximum effect that can be achieved by eating in your diet for weight loss tea - the so-called purification of the body of toxins and harmful substances from the excessive amount of fluid in the body. That is, upon receipt of this tea your weight may fall, but it will happen at the expense of a laxative and diuretic action of herbs in the beverage. Before taking slimming tea, check out the possible consequences:
Possible hazardous effects of tea for weight loss (weight loss)

The main danger of tea for weight loss - long-term use of laxatives and diuretics can lead to unpleasant consequences. Due to the permanent loss of fluid occurs dehydration, electrolyte balance is disturbed. Together with the "slags" and "toxins", which promises to get rid of colorful label, you lose important and necessary for the functioning of the body substance.

Thus, the abuse of diuretics can lead to a decrease in blood potassium levels. Its deficiency threatens not only the appearance of muscle weakness, and severe renal impairment. This, of course, there is a rapid weight loss tea, slimming ladies dwell in optimism. In fact, it is short-lived and only shows a loss of fluid, which is so in need of any living organism.

Another danger posed by the tea for weight loss (weight loss), - the occurrence of dependence, both psychological and physical. Many women who are taking a long time cleansing teas, can no longer give them up, because the body has already learned not to display their own waste products. Others firmly believe that the only tea helps them to keep in shape, and they will inevitably raspolneyut without him.
How to choose the tea for weight loss

All of the above deficiencies and tea slimming effects on the body does not mean that a slimming teas should be forgotten once and for all. You just need to carefully comply with the conditions of their admission and, most importantly, to distinguish high-quality tea from fakes. Ladies with overweight often suffer from constipation and water retention, so with a mild laxative and diuretic tea to help them "get the ball rolling." Rule one: follow the measure and count their own. In any case, purifying tea can be just a part of the program of correction of weight and not its foundation.

Choosing tea in a pharmacy, it is not necessary to focus on price - a good product is not necessarily expensive. By the way, in any case do not buy the herbal teas on the streets or with hands - for the consequences of receiving such funds no one answers.
Teagime review
So, at the beginning of the selection of tea for weight loss, consider the package carefully. It should be all you need to know in Russian: the name and address of the manufacturer, an indication of the health certificate, expiration date, a complete list of ingredients, the rules of administration, pharmacological effects, contraindications.

What signs indicate that the tea is not is of high quality?
If the producers promise not only cleansing of the body, but also the "fat burning", simultaneously offering relief from a dozen chronic diseases and ailments that you receive from it will likely only get in trouble. The same applies to the tea, which "fits all." Having found in the list of ingredients different flavors, stabilizers, and other chemicals, think about how this tea can "cleanse" you from toxins, it will help get rid of harmful substances in the body? In addition, you should alert the unusual reception conditions: for example, tea is prescribed to drink continuously for several months several times a day, or use almost half of the pack at the reception. So, tea for weight loss should be treated very demanding and with great care. In order not to harm the body.