Fitium Review

Fitium Review
 Fitium Review

Probably, there are no women who would be looking at myself in the mirror, never dreamed to change something in their appearance. Most women are dissatisfied with their figure. No matter the reason for this dissatisfaction with the actually existing defects or the fruits of excess female faultfinding.

And who remembers a little longer, as the representative of the beautiful half of humanity proud once its curvaceous, not only in the chest. The classical idea of ​​female beauty we can see in the paintings of great artists. Full thighs, stomach - these symptoms of female perfection. They say that nature has endowed women these virtues are not in order, so they fought with them, and for the successful execution of the function of procreation: body fat in the hips and abdomen to protect unborn babies from different stimuli of the outside world-the noise, possible blows etc.

All this is true! But ... the modern concepts of female beauty are contrary to nature. On TV screens and covers of glossy magazines on poor women mesmerizing looming "ranks" divas slender with long legs, narrow hips and flat belly. And ... what about in those moments you want to be slim, though not the same as the model, albeit shorter, but not thick and not plump or chubby, but rather thin !!! So how to lose weight a woman to become the owner of a beautiful figure?

The slogan of all dieticians, endocrinologists, fitness trainers and all those who have to deal with the consequences of incorrect, fanatical and inconsistent women sounds very straightforward: "Dear women, losing weight right!" In just a few centimeters, harvested from the waist, we forget prudence. Poor, only we do not do with them to achieve the desired effect. Diets, hunger strikes, the fulfillment of all conceivable exercise. And the result - or is not what was represented, or very short. How to be? Options are!
First of all, do not overeat (and it should become a way of life). And that has not happened, experts advise to split the use of food for five receptions - better than most, but less. There must be no hasty, chewing food thoroughly. Do not eat after 6 hours. Incidentally, on this occasion the scientists say that it is not necessarily refuse to eat after 6, the main thing for 2.5 - 3 hours before bedtime, as you must include in your diet plenty of fruits and vegetables and less sweet and starchy foods (flour products can be replaced with loaves) better to have natural products: meat (lean varieties) prefer sausage, eat fish, seafood (especially sea kale), low-fat cheeses, cottage cheese, low-calorie yogurt ... Now on sale of such products is more than enough.

The daily rate of the liquid should be at least 2 liters. In addition to tea and coffee (they just can limit), you should drink fresh juices (such as fruit and vegetables) and mineral water (non-carbonated and warm). These drinks help cleanse the intestines, which not only promotes weight loss, but also very good for health. From cereals are best oatmeal, buckwheat, barley and wheat. Remember that the cereal - it's the best breakfast.

Lose weight properly - not to exhaust himself to death and torturing physical exertion. Everywhere need a norm. The use of calories should not exceed their expenditure. If you want to lose weight, calories consumed, respectively, to be less and spend more. As for exercise, they are also more than sufficient. A fitness classes will make you not only slim but also support your health. Specialists will help you choose exercises complex for you personally. Also, do not forget about hiking walks. Now in our age of rapid, saving time, we will go a little longer we go on public or private transport. Make it a rule, such as walking to work, if it is not far from home or go a few stops earlier. You can find other options more suitable for you.

how to lose weight with Fitium

Lose weight correctly - that the right vacation! If you spend free time sitting in a chair watching a soap opera, it is probably to lose weight is quite problematic. Leisure activities: in winter it is - skis, skates; summer - nature walks, swimming, beach volleyball ... not deleted from the list of travel! All this will help to maintain your figure is normal.

Remember, the figure - a way of life, it is - our mentality. To lose weight properly, you have to eat right and be active! And this is probably the most important thing - to change ourselves, to change his mind, psychologically adjust itself.