Nuratrim Review

Nuratrim Review
Nuratrim is a food supplement created to help you shed off your excess weight by increasing your metabolism and suppressing your appetite. But, does it actually work? To answer this question let’s take a look at what’s inside Nuratrim….

Nuratrim Ingredients

Capsicum – capsicum is an extract of red peppers that boost the metabolism by increases heat production. This allows the body to burn a few extra calories per day. How many calories? That depends on your weight and individual metabolism, but it would be safe to say that Capsicum may help you burn about 50-100 extra calories per day.

Licorice – some studies suggest that licorice may cause positive changes in body composition. For example, a clinical study published in the journal “Obesity Research and Clinical Practice” found that licorice can help decrease in body fat and LDL cholesterol levels. The 84 participants were taking 200mg of licorice extract every day for 8 weeks or a placebo. All of them consumed the same calorie count. The results clearly showed that licorice has fat loss properties. In another study, 15 people of normal weight took 3.5 g of licorice daily for 2 months. The supplement reduced their body fat mass and suppressed the hormone aldosterone. These results look promising, but you need to keep in mind that licorice is not free of side-effects. Ingesting more than 20 g/day can cause high blood pressure. Fortunately, Nuratrim contains much lower amounts than that.

NuratrimGreen coffee – this is a mild stimulant that can cause a slight weight reduction. In a 4-week study that compared Green coffee against a placebo, the participants reduced their weight by 3lbs on average. It is believed that the chlorogenic acid inside the unroasted coffee beans has an effect on the absorption of glucose from the diet, which can result in reduced body fat.

Glucomannan – is a natural ingredient derived from an Asian plant known as Konjac.The fact that Glucomannan can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water, makes it a very effective appetite-suppressant. In a research review published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, it was found that taking 2-4 grams glucomannan per day can cause significant weight loss in overweight and obese individuals. Glucomannan works by increasing satiety, which means that you can feel satisfied with less food. This enables you to create a calorie deficit and lose weight almost effortlessly.

So, Does Nuratrim Work?

Nuratrim contains ingredients that can aid weight loss. However, don’t forget that Nuratrim is a supplement. This means that it can’t replace diet and exercise. It can simply speed things up. If you can combine its use with a hypocaloric diet and some exercise, you will probably be very pleased with the results/