Visual Impact For Women Results

Visual Impact For Women Results
Visual Impact For Women by Rusty Moore is intended for women who want to get a lean, feminine body that is not overly muscular. Unlike other trainers, who believe that women can never get too muscular because they lack testosterone, Rusty Moore thinks that if women complain about their thighs getting too big, we should take them seriously. So, even though women will never gain 20 pounds of muscle overnight, even a 2-pound increase in the hips and butt, may be aesthetically displeasing in their own eyes.

What is more, Rusty Moore states that the metabolic-boosting benefits of adding muscle mass are greatly exaggerated. The truth is that each kilogram of muscle will burn about an extra 12-13 calories per day. This means that even if you managed to gain 10 kg of muscle, you would only increase your metabolism by about 120-130 calories. On the other hand, a good cardio session can burn up 600 calories.

Inside the Visual Impact For Women ebook, you will also find out the truth about other widespread myths:

Meal frequency

Frequent meals don’t increase your metabolic rate and don’t aid weight loss in any way. If you want to eat 6 meals per day, by all means do it, but keep in mind that there is nothing magical about eating small, frequent meals. You still need a calorie deficit to lose weight.

Light lifting increases muscle tone

Light lifting does nothing. If you lift very light weights you will see no permanent results. Imagine lifting a pencil 1000 times. Do you think that you could increase muscle tone by doing that? If you want to increase tone and the strength of the muscle without increasing its size, then you need to lift heavy, but not close to failure.

In short, the kind of results you can expect from Visual Impact For Women is a fit and feminine physique (think Jessica Alba). If you want a body like Jillian Michaels, then you should choose a different program.

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