Primal Stress Review

Primal Stress Review
Primal Stress is a bodyweight training program developed by Scott Sonnon. It contains brief but intense workouts with different levels of difficulty for beginners to advanced trainees. If you are familiar with the TACFIT programs, then you know what to expect from Primal Stress, because it includes all six TACFIT training protocols.

Here are the components of the system:

  • A manual
  • Instructional and follow along Joint mobility videos
  • Instructional and follow along Training videos
  • Instructional and follow along Compensatory movements videos
  • Bonuses

The manual contains 224 pages that clearly show how stress affects our health and fitness and how to recover from it. In the Revive section of the manual, you will find out all the stressors in our daily lives - vocational, nutritional, relational and financial. Poor sleep, bad nutrition, insufficient hydration, and lack of mobility may not be very destructive by themselves, but combined together they accumulate and become like a tsunami that can devastate our health and our lives. The book will give you practical solutions on how to cope with these stressors. The book ends with design outlines and exercise descriptions for every movement in the Flow Physique course.

In the Revive and the Thrive videos you will discover how to decrease tension in your body. These videos are very useful for everyone, even for those who choose not to get into the workouts.

As you can see, Primal Stress is not just a physical training program. It’s a lifestyle transformation system that can result in true empowerment. Apart from burning body fat and building muscle mass and strength, your body will become practically injury-proof. What is more, you will cultivate your resiliency and toughness that can also help you in other areas of your life.

The system is sold through Clickbank and can be downloaded immediately. All the written material is in PDF format and the video files are in .m4v format. Keep in mind that this material is massive, because it contains more than 18 hours of video footage and 500 pages of reading in total and you will need about 8.1 GB total space in your pc, in order to be able to download it. However, if you decide not to download all files at once, you will have indefinite access to the files of program.