Customized Fat Loss Review

Kyle Leon Customized Fat Loss Review
Kyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss program is a nutritional and exercise system that is specifically targeted to your body type. Kyle Leon doesn’t believe in generic diets, but in diets that are tailored to match your body type. You only need to enter some details such as, age, height, and weight, and the software will generate the meal plans that are appropriate for your own personal needs. Keep in mind that Kyle’s software identifies more body types than the 3 you are already familiar with (ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph).

Now, let’s take a look inside Customized Fat Loss:

Nutrition Videos

Lemon Water Lesson, Bodybuilding Meat and Nuts Secret, Tips to Never Get Sick, GI-GL Lesson, Shepherds Pie, Vegetable Secret, Steak and Fish Lesson,  Cool Calorie Lesson, Burrito Recipe, Appetite Control, Overeating Damage Lesson, Protein Pancakes, Intermittent Fasting, Perfect Breakfast, Protein Pudding

Training Videos

Stretching, Circuit Training, Blow Up Your Back, Never Do this Ab Exercise, Injuries, Cardio Lesson, Supersets, Underrated-Exercises, Targeted Muscle Building

Supplement Videos

Supplement CEO Interview, Protein, Cortisol, Fish Oil, Truth About Ephedrine

Bonus Videos 1

Sleep and Stress, Alcohol, Appetite-Control, Why Women Need To Train Differently

Bonus Videos 2

The 49 exercise demonstration videos

Additionally you will gain access to the “Customized Fat Loss Online Software” the
“Customized Fat Loss Training” manual, “Customized Fat Loss Supplementation” and the “Peak in a Week” guide. In the last ebook, you will discover a powerful skin-tightening, water manipulation method that will give you a dry and toned look.

In the nutrition video series, the best videos by far are the “Appetite Control” and the “Tips to Never Get Sick”. In the appetite control video, Kyle Leon shares with you a few tricks that have helped him throughout the years like brushing your teeth, chewing sugar-free gum, and increasing fiber intake. In the Tips to Never Get Sick video, Kyle advises you to get more vitamin d, preferably from the sun, eat more garlic, which boosts the immune system and drink green tea and chamomile, which are high in antioxidants. It would also be a good idea to avoid omega-6 fatty acids such as soy and corn, as well as fried foods, because they increase inflammation.

As far as intermittent fasting, Kyle Leon’s opinion is that the data looks promising, even though more human trials are needed to reach a definite conclusion.

If you are a woman, who wants to follow the Customized Fat Loss program, then you will find a video called “Why Women Need To Train Differently” very interesting. In this video, John Barban, the creator of the Venus Factor, explains the differences between male and female physiology. It seems that a woman’s body is more resistant to weight loss and fights harder to keep the fat it already has. Estrogen levels are partly to blame for this phenomenon, so Barban advises women to stay away from estrogen-promoting foods such as soy. He also advises women against doing weighted core and upper body exercises, such as Olympic lifts and weighted oblique, because they can result in a thicker neck and waist.