Glowing Lean System Review

Glowing Lean System Review
The Glowing Lean System is a 12-week step-by-step program created by clinical nutritionist Kimberly Snyder. Kimberly has experienced many different stages as far as her weight and health is concerned. She went through a period when she was overly thin, but looked almost ill and had brittle hair and nails. At another point of her life, she was 30 pounds overweight and her face was full of acne. During this period, she looked older and had no energy to exercise. Kimberly Snyder attributes the majority of these problems to poor digestion and overall toxicity. According to her, efficient digestion and detoxification, leaves all the body’s resources available for healing and rejuvenation. By optimizing digestion you may be able to reduce cravings and improve the appearance of your whole body, as well as your skin and hair.

The problem is that it’s very popular to blame everything on toxins. The truth is that it has never been proven that toxins have anything to do with weight loss. Weight loss is about creating and maintaining a calorie deficit over a sustained period of time. This, however, doesn’t mean that the program is useless. A very common complaint of those who lose a lot of weight is that they end up looking older and tired. If you want to achieve weight loss, without compromising your health and your beauty, then this system might be a good option for you.

Let’s take a look at the components of The Glowing Lean System:

The program includes video training modules and easy-to-follow workbooks. It also offers lifetime updates and Community forum access where you can interact with other members. The whole program is based on 9 modules:

  • Module One shows you what to eat for breakfast to jump-start your metabolism and improve your digestion.
  • Module Two shows you how to improve your mood by eating tasty food and avoid heavy metal exposure.
  • Module Three teaches you which foods to avoid, so as to reduce toxicity and get your body back in balance.
  • Module Four discusses how to improve digestion and healing capacity by eating foods that increase friendly bacteria.
  • Module Five reveals how nutrition can improve your mental performance and health.
  • Module Six explains how to prevent bloating and stop the traffic jam within your digestive system.
  • Module Seven teaches you how to reduce cravings, by choosing foods that increase satiety.
  • Module Eight shows you how to eat whole food sources to get the right fat intake balance.
  • Module Nine discusses how to improve your overall health and reduce aches and pains.

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