Cellulite Factor Review

Cellulite Factor Review
Cellulite Factor, developed by Dr. Charles Livingston, promises to help you reduce or even eliminate cellulite in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: the first step is about increasing blood flow to the afflicted areas and reducing water retention

Step 2: here you will find out what you should and shouldn’t be eating.

Step 3: in this step you are going to discover why exercise is a rather ineffective cellulite-fighting method and the real process that will lead to cellulite reduction.

Step 4 is about seeing the dramatic changes that occur after following the Cellulite Factor System.

This program includes: the entire Cellulite Factor System, daily meal plans, food diary and movements log, grocery list and the toxic avoidance handbook.

In the Toxic Avoidance Handbook, Dr. Charles advises you to stay away from toxins such as Asbestos, Heavy Metals, Chlorine, Mold, Dioxins, Pesticides, Nitrosamines, Carbon Monoxide, Phthalates and more. He believes that there is a link between toxins and cellulite, because in his opinion cellulite is the result of the accumulation of excess fluids and toxins in the fat tissues, which is caused by poor blood circulation.

However, this is not very convincing. If we consider the fact that ninety percent of women have cellulite and very few men suffer from the same condition, then we have to reach the conclusion that there may not be a strong link between cellulite and toxins. Men’s bodies are also exposed to toxins, but they rarely develop the dreaded orange-peel look. So, clearly something else going is going one here.

The funny thing is that Dr. Charles does admit that cellulite seems to be an anatomy issue. He explains that the reason why cellulite is more visible on women compared to men is that their connected fat tissues are arranged in a different way. In women, the fibers of connective fat tissue form a honeycomb-like structure, which causes the appearance of bulges with every increase in the size of the fat cells.

This means that the main reason why you have cellulite is that you…. are a woman.
Toxins, coffee or salt may not have anything to do with it. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean that there is no way to treat this problem. Dr. Charles gives you some good tips (apart from his fixation on toxins) on how to reduce or eliminate the condition. His methods on how to reduce fluid retention and increase blood circulation can have both short-term and long-term results. His seven habits to reduce your weight (which will reduce cellulite by shrinking the fat cells that cause all the bulges) are also very effective and easy to follow. I also like the Easy Figure Fixes that allow you to conceal cellulite, until you eliminate it.

Overall, this is a good digital product that can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Visit The Cellulite Factor!