Bulletproof Athlete Review

Bulletproof Athlete, created by Mike Robertson, is a 16-week training, nutrition and recovery system.

Bulletproof Athlete is different from other systems. Most programs assume that you already have training experience and that your body moves well. On the contrary, this program tries to give you a strong movement foundation first, which will not only help you improve your performance, but will also reduce your risk of injury. Bulletproof Athlete tries to address the body as a whole. You can’t be spending hours sitting on a chair and then suddenly jump right into a hardcore lifting regime. You need to increase your mobility and flexibility gradually.

For this reason Mike Robertson has created three separate programs with different levels of intensity. So, you can choose to train only 1-2 hours per week all the way up to 5-6 hours per week.

The components of Bulletproof Athlete:

  • 3 different programs: this way you can find the one that is more suitable for you.
  • Step by step training programs: every exercise is explained in great detail and even your recovery.
  • 160+ Videos: every single exercise is demonstrated from two camera angles.
  • Weekly nutrition and recovery challenges: these challenges will show you how to fuel your body in such a way in order to able to train to the best of your ability and also recover after your sessions.

There are also 9 free bonuses in the system:

Bonus #1: Master the Pistol, 1-Arm Push-up and Chin-up (Workout)

Bonus #2: Which Deadlift is Right For YOU? (Article & Video)

Bonus #3: Bulletproof Olympic Lifting (Article)

Bonus #4: 5 Ways to Know a Program Will Work
Sean Hyson

Bonus #5: Using Primitive Patterns for Recovery (Article)

Bonus #6: Bulletproof Athlete Recovery (Videos)

Bonus #7: Cumulative Injury Disorder (Article) & Self-Myofascial Release Techniques (Article & Videos)

Bonus #8: The Vert-Specific Conditioning Guide

Bonus #9: The ULTIMATE Guide to Foam Rolling (Video and E-manual)

Bulletproof Athlete is a complete athletic development program not only for movement and strength training and for energy systems as well, which will help you get in tune with your body.

Do you want to find out more? Just visit Bulletproof Athlete Website!