Bodyweight Burn Review

Bodyweight Burn Review
Bodyweight Burn is a program developed by Adam Steer, MAT Lower Body Specialist, NCSA-CPT, NCCP 3 and AKC Coach.

Bodyweight Burn allows you to eat your favourite foods and doesn’t urge you to eliminate carbs from your diet. However, Adam Steer believes that carbohydrates are a double edged sword. In the Carb-Synch Diet, you will find out how to eat carbs strategically and use them to your advantage. You will also discover how to maximize the after burn effect of every workout, without having to spend crazy hours at the gym. The truth is that following the wrong workout program can do more harm than good. For example, very long duration exercise, may actually force your body to burn its muscle tissue instead of burning fat. Adam Steer will help you find the right duration and intensity to optimize your results.

Here are the components of the Bodyweight Burn System:

  • BW3 Workout System: in this manual you will find out how to lose fat as fast as possible.
  • Carb-Synch Diet System: this ebook will teach you everything there is to know about nutrition.
  • BW3 Exercise: this is a complete library with photos for every exercise.
  • Handy Wall Charts: you can hang these charts next to your training area.
  • My Workouts: these are custom-designed printable logs to track your progress.
  • Exercise Instruction: in this video library you will find detailed video demonstrations for all the exercises in the Bodyweight Burn system.

By buying Bodyweight Burn System, you will also be able to download 6 bonuses free of charge:

1. BW3 Workout System Integration Guide

This guide can show you how to accelerate your results and how to combine this propgram with any other program you may already be using. You will also discover tips on how to follow the Carb-Synch Diet.

2. Bodyweight Burn Quick Start Guide

This manual contains all the important details you need to know to prepare for this program.

3. Supplement Guide

Due to the vast number of supplements on the market, it’s very difficult to make an educated choice. This guide will help you decide.

4. Follow-Along Mobility Routine Filmed Live In Australia

In this live workshop, Adam shows you how to use mobility exercises and intensive stretches to prime your joints and release your muscles.

5. Beyond Sit Ups

If you are really bored with sit ups, you can use these ab exercise variations to shred your core.

6. Beyond Push Ups

These push up variations will help you train your upper body.

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