Bigger Butt Secrets Review

Bigger Butt Secrets Review
Bigger Butt Secrets, developed by Jayna Davis, is a digital guide that shows you all the steps you need to take to enlarge your booty. The program promises to reveal powerful techniques that will help you increase the size of your butt by up to 2 inches in 45 days.

The truth is that shaping your butt is of critical importance, if you want to have the perfect body. However, I don’t know if it’s realistic to expect such a big difference in such a short period of time. After all, your body shape depends at least partly on your genetic make-up, which can’t be altered. Some women are simply born with the tendency to develop bigger butts and some don’t. Nevertheless, Jayna Davis, promises to help you the things that can be changed. The factors that you can control, at least up to a certain degree, are:

The size of your gluteal muscles

Building these muscles is probable the most critical part of getting a bigger butt. Many women suffer from some degree of disuse atrophy, especially those who lead very sedentary lives. The muscles need some stimuli in order to grow. Lack of physical exercise will not only prevent your gluteal muscles from developing, it will also cause you to gradually lose the muscles you already have. The result will be an ugly, saggy butt. Fortunately, the Bigger Butt Secrets Program shows you the most effective butt exercises that will help you get the perfect glutes.

You fat percentage

It seems that the ideal fat percentage for the best butt shape, is between 22% and 25%. Of course, you can still increase your booty size, even at lower fat percentages by simply building more muscle, but the truth is that a butt that is made of up of both lots of fat and muscle has a better feeling to it.

Your hormonal profile

Manipulating your hormones can be a somewhat effective way to change your fat distribution pattern. However, don’t expect any miracles by using this method. Your hormonal profile is not largely alterable, because it still depends on factors that are beyond your control, like your genes and your age.

That’s no to say that hormones are not important. Estrogen, for example, is responsible for the feminine body shape, because it causes fat to get stored in the butt, hips and thighs. Women with low estrogen and relatively high androgen levels (like menopausal women), experience a shift in their fat distribution patterns, which usually results in a bigger waist and belly.

If you belong to this category, then following the Bigger Butt Secrets Diet can be helpful. Jayna Davis advises you to counteract excess testosterone, by cutting down excess sugars and simple carbohydrates and eat a small amount of flax seeds almost every day.

Bigger Butt Secrets Review

Overall, the Bigger Butt Secrets ebook is a very good guide, even though it does contain some hype, like the majority of online programs. If we consider the alternatives, then the Bigger Butt Secrets looks even better by comparison. For example, using padded underwear or jeans, is only a quick-fix method that will cause an uplesant surprise when you get undressed. Getting butt implants is a very expensive and high risk method of getting larger glutes. Of course, you can always decide to start gaining weight, hoping that it will get stored on the hips, but in all probability you will simply end up getting fat.

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