Wrap Yourself Slim Review

Wrap Yourself Slim Review
Wrap Yourself Slim Body Wraps Exposed is an electronic book written by Ella Simpson. Even though the ebook promises to help you detoxify your body, reduce cellulite and lose fat, these claims are wildly exaggerated. Body wraps simply can’t do that. Let’s see why:

The detoxification claim

Body wraps can’t "draw out" toxins or purify the body in any way. What is more, the term toxins is very ambiguous and they don’t actually explain which toxins they are talking about. The method induces sweating, which could clean out your pores, but don’t expect it to “detoxify” your internal organs. Also you need to keep in mind that most of the toxins get eliminated through the urine and feces and not through the skin.

The fat loss claim

Fat cells can’t be pulled out of the skin. Fat needs to be burned. The oily substance you see when you remove the wrap, is actually sweat and sebum, not fat.

The cellulite claim

Cellulite is caused by protrusions of fat into the dermis, and it can’t be eliminated by this procedure.

The main benefit of body wraps is that they cause an instant inch loss due to the loss of fluid and they tighten and smooth out the skin. These results are of course temporary. This doesn’t necessarily make them a scam, because they do have a cosmetic action. Additionally, getting instant, visible results may help you get more confident in order to continue with your diet and exercise regime.

Don’t Buy It

To “detoxify” your body
To eliminate cellulite
To lose fat

Buy It

To lose inches temporarily, in preparation of a special event
To improve the appearance of your skin for a short period of time
To fit into a dress that is too tight
To reduce fluid retention

The bottom line is that if you were going to spend hundreds of dollars to get body wraps at the spa, learning how to make your own with dirty cheap materials could be useful.

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