Tacfit 26 Review

TACFIT 26 is a fitness system developed by Scott Sonnon. Each of the 26 main programs of TACFIT 26 is named after a letter in the Nato alphabet and each level is named after the first four Greek letters: Delta, for the bare minimum effort, Gamma, for the segue to strength conditioning, Beta for the toughened pack and Alpha for the top performance.

Here are the components of the TACFIT 26 system:

Start Up Guide

In this 34-page pdf you are going to find out how to track your workouts and how to use the daily journals.

Flip Chart

This ebook contains 56 pages with all the 107 workouts in TACFIT26 as well as the warm-up programs and cool down programs.

Exercise Manual

This guide contains tutorials on all the exercises and mentions the type of tool that is used in every exercise, such as Clubbell, Kettlebell, Bodyweight and more.

Qualification Manual

This involves a self-test that will help you track your progress in the training.

Mobility Manual

This pdf contains all the details on the warm-up mobility drills in alphabetical order.

Compensation Manual

In this ebook you will find detailed tutorials on the cool-down compensation drills.

Daily Journals

There are for levels of daily journals, which will contain your progression on the target skills for every level.

Compensation Video Folder

Here you will find 28 video tutorials in alphabetical order.

Mobility Video Folder

This folder contains 30 video tutorials with the Warm-up Mobility drills.

Exercise Video Folder

Within this file there are 78 video tutorials with all the exercises.

Qual Video Folder

In this folder you will find video tutorials with the Qualification Workout drills.

Primal Stress Bodyweight Alternative Program Guide

This very useful ebook contains 81 bodyweight alternative exercises, in case you don’t have the necessary equipment to perform the main exercises.

Primal Stress Bodyweight Alternative Program Video

Here you will find 18 video tutorials for every alternative bodyweight workout.