Metabolic Switch Diet Review

Metabolic Switch Diet Review
The Metabolic Switch Diet is a program created by Sage Thompson.

Sage Thompson wasn’t always a fat loss expert. She was just an average woman who used to struggle with her weight. In fact after her pregnancy, she ended up weighing 215 pounds. That amount of weight gain not only posed health risks on her body, but her mood and her attitude was becoming worse everyday. When she became a personal trainer, she decided to develop the Metabolic Switch Diet so as to help herself and her clients get the slim, healthy bodies they always wanted.

Metabolic Switch Diet Review

The Metabolic Switch Diet System is comprised of:

  • The main MSD Manual
  • The 12 Week Home Bodyweight Workout plan
  • Exercise Demonstrations Videos
  • The MSD Success Journal
  • The 14 day Smoothie Guide

This diet is about manipulating your macronutrient composition, so as to balance your hormones to lose fat and improve your vitality. It offers a digital e-learning platform that allows you to log in to read the ebooks and watch the videos. If you combine the diet with the 10-15 minute home bodyweight workouts, the results will be even faster. TMSD is a 12-week transformation program that contains infinite food options and doesn’t directly restrict calories, so you won’t have to starve yourself in order to lose weight.

The question is can you reduce your body weight without a calorie deficit? And the answer is of course not! So how does this program even work?

There are 3 key hormones that are involved in the regulation of weight: T3 (the thyroid hormone), Ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and Leptin (the master hormone for regulating body weight). Women have higher levels of Leptin than men, but weight loss is harder for them. Unfortunately, women commonly suffer from leptin resistance, which means that even though they produce a lot of leptin their cells are not very responsive to leptin. Experts theorize that evolution has made female bodies that way, because losing a lot of fat would be detrimental to child bearing.

According to Sage Thompson, by following her system you are going to optimize your hormones, which will regulate your appetite. This will lead to effortless fat loss, because you will feel full with much fewer calories. Sage Thompson advises women to not lower carbs for more than 3 days in a row, to eat high GI carbs on purpose 2 days per week and to not perform strenuous forms of exercise, in order to achieve hormonal balance.

Overall, this is a good nutrition system that can help you experience less hunger and reduce your cravings.

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