Hollywood Physique Method Black Book

The Hollywood Physique Method Black Book is a system developed by Clay Rogers that will help you reverse engineer the most impressive physique transformations in Hollywood.

Keep in mind that this program is suitable only for experienced lifters with at least three years of strict lifting experience. In other words, if you have never weight trained before in your life or if you are currently obese or overweight, then this system is not for you. (in case you are an inexperienced lifter the Adonis Index System may be a better choice for you. If you have many pounds to lose, take a look at the Everything Goes Diet).

The Hollywood Physique Method Black Book is for those who already have well-developed muscles, but they still need to lose some more fat for optimum results. If your body is almost perfect, but you haven’t been able to get a full six pack, then this program is for you.

The system is comprised of 5 components:

Component #1: The Hollywood Physique Method Black Book

Here you will find the following methodologies: The Visible Muscle Isolation Method, The Peak Hormone Diet, Intensity Pump Hypertrophy Training, Incline Cardio, Six Pack Abs, The Body Reset Protocol, On/Off Switches, The X-Factor.

Component #2: Full 14 to 26 Week Transformation Routine

These are the exact training and eating routines you are going to be following every day, which are divided into 4 phases. The first phase lasts for 2 weeks and the rest 3 phases last for 4 weeks each.

Component #3: The “Fitness Model” Daily Email Walkthrough Series

You simply need to give your email address and then you will start receiving one coaching email daily for 14 weeks.

Component #4: The Accountability Forums

This gives you the option to upload your weekly photo progress and the other participants to the private forums can give you feedback. You will also have access to the “Hall of Fame” photos of guys who have completed the training and are willing to share all their secrets with you.

Component #5: Unlimited Support

Clay Rogers will give you his personal email address and is ready to answer every single question you may have.