Fat is Not Your Fault Review | Bryan Walsh

Fat is Not Your Fault Review
Fat is Not Your Fault is a diet program created by Dr. Bryan Walsh, ND. Bryan Walsh advocates that fat loss is not a simple math problem. He considers the calories-in-calories-out notion incomplete and he believes that weight loss is a much more complicated matter.

For example, let’s imagine 2 identical twins who follow the exact same diet and exercise program, but one of them has a thyroid dysfunction. The one with the dysfunction won’t be able to lose as much weight as the other one. This means that correcting your physiology on the inside is necessary in order to get results on the outside.

Dr. Bryan Walsh has been running a natural medicine practice for many years and has noticed that after he cures his patients of a health condition, such as migraines, skin issues or high cholesterol, they frequently end up losing weight without following a specific diet program. This made him come to the conclusion that our physiology may be more important for weight loss than diet and exercise alone.

The Fat is Not Your Fault program contains a series of video lessons with all the factors that are implicated in weight loss:

  • Insulin: in this video you can find out how insulin and high blood sugar affect fat loss. This video also mentions all the nutritional supplements you can take to fix your blood sugar issues.
  • Cortisol: modern lifestyle creates a stress response to our bodies that may lead to the overproduction of cortisol. You will discover how to correct these imbalances nutritionally.
  • Gut: this lesson examines the role of the digestive system and all the nutritional strategies to improve its function. 
  • Thyroid gland: this gland produces hormones that are important for metabolism and weight loss.  Here you will learn how to nutritionally correct its defects.
  • Toxicity: in this video you are going to find out how reduce your toxin exposure that may be partly responsible for your inability to lose weight.
  • Immune system: even though the immune system is not directly involved in weight reduction, improve its function may help you indirectly.
  • The Brain: the brain produces neurotransmitters that can affect satiety levels, food cravings and even our will-power. By balancing these neurotransmitters you will be able to achieve success, with less effort.
  • Cellular function: this video explains how cells work and what kinds of nutrients are essential for their function.
  • Mind/Body: by entertaining negative thoughts you may be sabotaging your efforts.

Overall, Fat is Not Your Fault is a very detailed and comprehensive diet system. However, don’t think that by correcting your physiology you will magically lose weight. You still need a calorie deficit to achieve this goal. Of course, if you manage to reduce cravings and regulate your appetite by following this diet program, the whole process can become much easier and you won’t have to struggle.

To learn more, visit the Fat is Not Your Fault Website!