CT-50 Fitness & Fat Loss Review

CT-50 Fitness & Fat Loss Review
 CT-50 Fitness & Fat Loss Review

The CT-50 Fitness & Fat Loss system is a program created by Tyler Bramlett, who is USAW Sports Performance Coach and Functional Training Expert.

According to Tyler Bramlett, after the age of 25, the body composition of the average person changes for the worse. Not only does the fat percentage increase, but most men and women usually also gradually lose lean muscle tissue, which prevents them from looking toned. What is more, their tendons, bones, and joints are getting weaker.

Fortunately, this effect can be reversed and Tyler Bramlett promises to show you how. He has created a system and he has already shared it with more than 500 people at his gym in Santa Cruz, California.

The CT-50 Fitness & Fat Loss program is based on three key principles that you need to follow to start re-shaping your body and put a stop to the “natural” loss of muscle mass and fat gain that usually happens as you get older.

The basic 3 steps are the following:

Avoid Working out for more than 20 minutes

Tyler Bramlett believes that long workouts may do more harm than good. Not only are they very difficult to follow over the long term, but they also put strain on your body, and lead to the release of cortisol and free radicals, which may block fat loss and accelerate aging.

Don’t perform any “extreme” workouts

Intense jumping, running and “cross training” workouts are dangerous and may cause you severe injuries. If you’re not a professional athlete, then it may be a bad idea to follow these exercise routines, especially considering that there are plenty more conventional forms of exercise that are much safer and equally effective.

Don’t switch up your exercise routine

You don’t need a huge variety of exercises to get good results. Your body doesn’t get used to one specific workout. Don’t believe that you need to keep changing your workouts in order to lose fat. It doesn’t actually work that way. The only thing you need to do is to follow the right regime.

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