Venus Factor Diet & Workout

Venus Factor Diet

The Venus Factor Diet & Workout is the updated version of the Venus Index System, created by John Barban, with the collaboration of Brad Howard and Brad Pilon.

This is not a simple weight loss program. This is a complete body transformation system that allows women to determine and achieve their ideal proportions and develop an hourglass figure. 

What Is The Program All About?

The workouts revolve around toning and sculpting your muscles in such a way as to create a tighter, sexier and more feminine body. The nutrition manual teaches you how to shed all the extra pounds without crashing your metabolism. Inside the Venus Factor Diet you will find data on how to regulate your leptin levels through diet and lifestyle changes, how to incorporate cheat days into your diet plan in order to avoid weight loss plateaus and food cravings and how to identify and stay away from your hot button foods. All this data is included in the 12-week Fat-Loss-System ebook, which is part of the Venus Factor program.

In the Venus Factor Workout .pdf, you will find the 12 week exercise program with links to high quality videos that demonstrate every exercise.

There is also a manual called Venus Factor Final Phase, which will show you advanced techniques to get toned. This book contains 3 cycles designed to improve your strength conditioning and help you get your body measurements closer to your ideal Venus Factor Ratio. The first cycle includes Intermittent Super Sets and Fibonacci Pyramids, the second X-sets and Fibonacci Pyramids and the third Progressive Venus Pyramids and Fibonacci Pyramids.

With the help of the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist, you will be able to fully customize your diet plan. The software can show you the amount of calories and protein you need to eat to lose or maintain your weight. You can use the calculator once per week to determine your daily deficit or maintenance calories. Here you can identify the perfect proportions for your body, such as the ideal hip circumference range, your ideal shoulders and the ideal waist. The software also shows you your estimated weekly fat loss.

Q&A About The Venus Factor Diet:

What are the differences between the Venus Index and the Venus Factor?

The Venus Index Program puts more emphasis on the exercises and the Venus Factor System focuses more on the diet part. However, both programs contain the exact same workouts, but the Venus Factor also contains additional information on hormones and nutrition.

Should I buy the program, if I already own Venus Index?

Even though the updated version has new information on nutrition and hormone regulation, the workouts are basically the same, so you don’t really have to buy the Venus Factor System, if you own the previous version. Keep in mind that if you are a Venus Index Immersion client, you already have access to the product.

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