Venus Factor Weight Loss

Venus Factor Weight Loss

Venus Factor is a weight loss and strength training system that promises to help you lose fat and build some muscle in all the right places, so as to obtain a feminine, but firm and strong body.

But, how does Venus Factor help you lose weight?

First of all, it eliminates all the hype and teaches you the truth about weight loss. The truth is that in order to lose weight you have to create a calorie deficit. There is no other way! Even diets that make no mention of calories, even diets that specifically say that calories are not important, only work because they help you create a calorie deficit. Some diets demonize carbs, some diets demonize fats, but the bottom line is that they simply "trick" you into consuming fewer calories.

The human body doesn’t burn fat, because you eat no carbs or no fat or the glycemic index is low or because you consume many antioxidants. The human body burns fat only when it has no other choice. If the energy that comes through food is lower than the one needed by the body to maintain its vital function, then the body is forced to start burning stored energy (fat) in order to survive. So if your calorie intake is lower than the amount of calories you burn, you will inevitably lose weight even if you follow the world’s least healthy diet (which is of course not advisable!).

The question is how do you maintain a calorie deficit for a long period of time, without going crazy with hunger and cravings? The Venus Factor has an answer for that. It seems that the hormone leptin plays a key role in weight loss, as it has the potential to increase feelings of satiety and cause you to be satisfied with less food. Unfortunately, many people are resistant to leptin. The Venus Factor reveals all the secrets to reduce leptin resistance and all the herbs you can use so as to reap the benefits of this important hormone.

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