Venus Factor Review

In this Venus Factor Review, we are going to discuss all the components of this fat loss and body re-shaping system. The program consists of:

1. The main weight loss and nutrition ebook, called the Venus Factor 12 week Fat Loss System.

2. The workout .pdf that contains links to all the instructional exercise videos.

3. The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist that can calculate your calorie and protein requirements and will allow you to lose weight, according to your own personal body measurements.

Apart from these manuals, you also gain access to the Venus Community, which is a private online community with many members willing to share their secrets with you and offer their support.

The Venus Factor will actually provide you with a twelve week step-by-step diet and strength conditioning plan that will help you maximize fat loss, while strategically indulging in 'cheat foods' such as ice cream and pizza. This method will prevent your metabolism from crashing and reduce your food cravings. The workout program will allow you to change the shape of your body and tone your muscles, so as to achieve the ideal body measurements.

The Venus Factor also discusses the huge role that leptin plays on weight loss. When leptin was first discovered, scientists thought that they had found the cure for obesity. It was assumed that injecting obese people with this hormone would increase their feelings of satiety and lead to caloric restriction and weight loss. Unfortunately, scientists soon found out that things were not so simple. Obese people already had high levels of leptin circulating in their bloodstream. The problem was that their cells no longer responded normally to this hormone, because they had developed leptin resistance.

It seems that women are naturally more resistant to leptin, compared to men. Men have a higher natural sensitivity to leptin and their metabolism doesn't crash as easily, even when they go on a very low calorie diet. In the Venus Factor, you will discover all the ways to reduce leptin resistance and lose weight as effortlessly as possible. There are even some herbs you can take to make your body more sensitive to leptin, which are mentioned in the Venus Factor Fat Loss System ebook.

For more information, read about the Venus Factor Diet or visit The Venus Factor!