Skinny Fat Solution Review

Skinny Fat Solution Review
In this Skinny Fat Solution Review, you will find out everything there is to know about this new fat loss product.

Skinny Fat Solution is created by Anthony Mychal, who has been a writer at, STACK, T-Nation, Elite FTS, and many other websites.

Anthony is very familiar with the skinny-fat phenomenon. Even though he was never overweight, in high school he was told he had girl boobs and he also had stretch marks on his lower back, as you can see in this photo.

Skinny Fat Solution Review

As an ex skinny-fat sufferer, he knows what works and what to avoid. For example, he knows that bulking doesn’t work, because you usually end up gaining more fat than muscles. So, he put all his experiences and knowledge inside his program.

The components of the Skinny Fat Solution:

The Solution and Lifestyle Guide that explains the reasons why you are skinny-fat.

The Nutrition Fundamental Guide that teaches you all nutrition basics and everything there is to know about carbohydrate cycling.

The X Physique Training Primer that is an excellent training program for skinny-fat men and women.

The Dissecting the Great Eight Guide gives you alternatives for every exercise, like curls or deadlifts.

The Stubborn Fat Loss Guide that allows you to get rid of the last bit of fat that covers your lower abs and prevents you from a six pack. The funny thing is that according to this manual, the secret to losing stubborn fat doesn’t lie in training, but in the nervous system.

The Perfecting the Pull-up Manual, which can teach you how to do pull-ups the right way.

The Leveling Up the Upper Chest Guide that will show you how to maximize your chest development.

All these documents come in PDF files that are very easy to download and read. This is a digital product and no physical products will be shipped to you. This way you can get immediate access to the program.