Fat Loss Factor Master Cleanse

What is the connection between the Fat Loss Factor system and the Master Cleanse diet?

Fat Loss Factor is a program developed by Dr. Charles Livingston, who is a certified diet and nutrition expert, and a weight loss consultant. Master Cleanse is actually one of the phases of the Fat Loss Factor diet program. After 2 weeks of eating raw foods, such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and nuts, you will have to follow the Master Cleanse diet for 3 days. As you may already know the Master cleanse drink, is made with water, cayenne pepper, lemons, and maple syrup. During this phase of the program you should also have warm salt water as soon as you wake up in the morning. What is more, you should also exercise for about 15-30 minutes per day. There are different workouts for beginners and advanced and there is also a workout known as High Magnitude Interval Training (HMIT). All the details are contained inside the videos that come along with the product.

The truth is that Fat Loss Factor is a hard-core weight loss system that may be difficult to follow. Keep in mind that it is only suitable for very dedicated dieters. There are many foods are eliminated from this diet. According to Dr. Charles, the detoxification is necessary in order to break down all the toxic substances and enhance the functioning of liver.

The entire program is in digital form and can be downloaded in minutes. Fat loss factor has been available for a long time and has proved its effectiveness. It may contain a few nonsensical medical terms (what does detoxification even mean?), but one thing is for certain: while other programs cause only marginal weight loss, this hard-core system will certainly cause you to lose fat really fast.

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