Does losing weight make you look younger?

Does losing weight make you look younger
So, does losing weight make you look younger or older? If we are talking about the body, then the answer is definitely yes. People with fuller figures usually look much older than people with slimmer figures. In fact, many overweight or obese teenagers look like adults in their mid 20’s.

But, what about the face? Does losing weight make your face look younger or older?
The answer here is trickier. There seems to be a fine line, between too little fat and too much fullness in the face. Both of them can make you look older.

A factor that you should take into consideration, when you are trying to figure out if losing weight will make you look younger or older, is your current age. According to an interesting research conducted by Dr. Bahman Guyuron, if you are younger than 40, being slim may help you look younger, but if you are older than 40, a few extra pounds may actually help you look younger. Dr. Bahman Guyuron studied the faces of 200 pairs of identical twins and concluded that extra weight in women under 40, obscures the facial definition that is an essential characteristic of a youthful face. On the contrary, older women would benefit from a few extra pounds, which could replenish the volume loss that comes with aging.