Reverse Taper Diet Review - Reverse Taper Dieting Protocol

The Reverse Taper Diet is a dieting protocol developed by Brad Pilon and John Barban. There are two versions of this system:  the Venus Index Reverse Taper Diet for women (also called the Venus Index Transformation Diet Plan) and the Adonis Index Reverse Taper Diet for men (also known as the Adonis Index Transformation Diet Plan).

But, what is the Reverse Taper Diet anyway?

The Reverse Taper Diet Protocol is based on the Theory of Fat Availability and Calorie Optimization. According to the theory of fat availability, the leaner you get, the slower fat loss will become. Unfortunately, most people do the following mistake: they create a small calorie deficit at the early stages of the diet and they eat very few calories at the final stages of their transformation. This is the wrong way to diet. There will simply not be enough fat left on your body to support a rapid loss of fat. This has nothing to do with “starvation mode” or metabolic slowdown. It has to do with the fact that there is an upper limit on how much fat your body can burn every day. If your calorie deficit exceeds this limit, you will end up feeling lethargic, tired and miserable and you may also lose muscle mass, especially if your body fat levels are already very low. Most traditional diets cause a crash and rebound weight gain, exactly because they don’t take Calorie Optimization into account. The secret to permanent and healthy weight loss is to actually increase the calories you are consuming, as you get closer to your ideal weight.

Update: The Reverse Taper Diet is not a stand-alone program anymore. It has been integrated in the Adonis Golden Ratio and the Venus Factor systems.

What’s inside the Reverse Taper Diet?

The Reverse Taper Diet Manual

This ebook contains 73 pages and explains the theory of fat availability and calorie optimization, in detail. It shows you how much real fat loss you can expect, according to your body type, how to track your progress, how water affects body weight and exactly how to maintain muscle mass during dieting. Keep in mind that the manual doesn’t actually tell you what to eat and apart from your protein intake, it doesn’t give you any specific dietary recommendations. As far as fat loss is concerned, the number of calories you consume is far more important than the type of foods you eat.

The Reverse Taper Diet Calculator Software

This is by far the most important part of the system. This calculator can give you a fully personalized weekly diet plan by using your specific body dimensions. You simply enter the following data into the software: your height, your weight, your waist measurements, your shoulder measurements and your age. After that the calculator gives you:

  • Your ideal shoulder measurement
  • Your ideal waist circumference
  • Your maximal fat loss per week
  • Your most likely ideal weight
  • The maximum duration for every fast
  • How many calories you need to eat per day
  • Your possible daily water weight fluctuation
Keep in mind that there are 2 different calculators for men and women, which use entirely different algorithms: the Venus index calculator and the Adonis index calculator.
Overall, this is a great diet protocol, because it gets progressively easier, as you lose weight and shows you exactly how to maintain your weight loss.