Hollywood Physique for Men

Hollywood Physique for Men
Hollywood Physique for Men is a body transformation system created by Clay Rogers. This program is designed to help you get the Hollywood body look in only 13 weeks. The system is geared toward one thing: to achieve the right body proportions, without becoming overly muscular or very skinny. So, if you want to look like Arnold, then this program is not for you. But, if you want to look like Daniel Craig in Casino Royale or Brad Pitt in Fight Club, then look no further.

The idea behind the system

Clay Rogers was always intrigued by the fact that Hollywood actors could get completely ripped in very short amounts of time. After extensive research, he discovered that all the body transformations of these famous men were based on a specific blueprint. Clay realized that you don’t need to build massive amount of muscles to get the ideal body. Developing relatively small amounts of muscle in the right places can help you achieve an amazing sexy look in an incredibly short period of time.

Hollywood Physique For Men – The Diet

Keep in mind that this program contains a crazy, very restrictive diet, which is called the Peak Hormone Diet and is similar to the Paleo diet. Be prepared to eat lots of eggs, animal meats and green vegetables. Forget about fruit, nuts, cheese and breads. The amount of food you can eat is calculated according to your height.
 The Hollywood Physique Diet contains no supplements, not even protein powder. It’s a completely natural way to eat that tries to mimic the hormonal effects of anabolic steroids.

Hollywood Physique For Men – The Workout

The workouts are designed to make you work on certain muscles and build the right amount of lean body mass, while still losing body fat. You will specialize extensively on specific muscles, which can help you achieve an attractive body in as little time as possible. The workouts don’t last more than 30 minutes, but they are very intense because there is minimal rest between the sets.