Visual Impact For Women Review – Is Rusty Moore’s Program Effective?

Visual Impact For Women Review
Visual Impact For Women Review

Visual Impact For Women by Rusty Moore is a muscle building workout program that can help women get a slim feminine physique. Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact For Women is one of the most popular ladies fitness programs on the web right now, because it allows women to build a sexy, fit body like Hollywood celebrities, without getting too bulky.

The creator of this system, Rusty Moore, is a well-known fitness expert that runs the famous blog "fitness black book". Apart from the Visual Impact For Women ebook, Rusty Moore has also developed the best selling Visual Impact Muscle Building for men and the Visual Impact Cardio.

Let’s take a look inside the Visual Impact Muscle Building For Women:

Visual Impact For Women – Main Manual

This ebook in .pdf format contains 89 pages and outlines the entire concept of the system. It covers many common questions about how to diet for an event, how to overcome the weight loss challenges most women face, how to customize your workout routine and how to lose muscle mass on purpose. Rusty believes that even though women have low levels of testosterone, they can get too bulky, if they follow the wrong exercise program. 

Cardio is an essential part of this program. Rusty Moore thinks that cardio is the best way to burn fat, without becoming overly muscular. Of course, this system combines cardio with weight training to help you get the ideal body proportions.

In this ebook, Rusty Moore also talks about the various myths propagated by popular fitness magazines, like the myth that skipping meals will lower your metabolism, the myth that if you eat only one time a day you will lose your muscles and the myth that it’s easy to lose lean body mass on a low-calorie diet.

Visual Impact For Women – Fat Torching Cardio 

The Fat Torching Cardio is a 12 week “Progressive Cardio” course that can show you how to burn as much fat as possible. The program included some advanced concepts, like the pyramide interval, the 4 level HIIT and the VO2 max cardio. 

Visual Impact For Women – Exercise Demonstration Manual
This book which contains 229 pages is full of photos and explanations covering each exercise.

Visual Impact For Women – Printable workout charts
Each workout is listed on a different page, so you can easily print them out. 

The Visual Impact For Women Diet

Rusty Moore talks about the fact that it’s more difficult for women to lose weight compared to men. Women have a slower metabolism and need to eat fat fewer calories than men, in order to lose weight. If you follow the “eat every few hours” dogma, then you will end up eating many tiny meals per day that will never allow you to achieve satiety. For this reason, Rusty Moore believes that women should eat fewer times per day, if they want to have decent-sized meals.

In the “Dieting for an Event” section of the main manual, you will find out how to lose body fat in a hurry. This aggressive diet shouldn’t be followed for more than 2-3 weeks at a time. The best way to diet for an event is to follow a type of diet that is knows as a Protein Sparing Modified Fast. This diet will help you lose as much fat as possible, without sacrificing any lean body mass. Keep in mind that this is an extreme diet that is not for everybody and shouldn't be done long-term. If you don’t have a special event coming up, you can use a more moderate, steady approach and still achieve the body of your dreams.

Visual Impact For Women is one of the best programs out there that can help you see excellent results. If you want to buy this program, go to Visual Impact For Women Download.