Venus Index Workout

Venus Index Workout
The Venus Index Workout is a 3-month weight training program for women who are trying to achieve the ideal figure. The Venus Index workout program combines strength training and conditioning and is designed to help you develop a lean and strong feminine body shape. The system includes three whole body workouts per week that can be performed at home with minimal exercise equipment. You need about 50 minutes to complete every workout and you can combine this exercise program with cardio, if you want.

The Venus Index workouts change from day to day and week to week, because they include different sets and rep patterns every time. Each workout is divided equally into upper body exercises (like push-ups), lower body exercises (such as, squats and lunges) and whole body exercises (like Squat & Press, planks, etc.) to ensure the balanced development of your body that will help you get the ideal Venus Index measurements. The Venus Index program includes a video exercise gallery that can show you in detail how to perform every exercise.

To warm up your body before starting the workout, you can simply do some kind of steady movement, like jogging, walking or cycling for about 10-15 minutes, in order to increase your core temperature.

Sets and Reps

The sets and reps need to be followed in the specific order they are laid out with 100% accuracy.

Rest Intervals

The rest interval between every set is 60 seconds. Don’t believe that by shortening the rest intervals, you will be able to do more intense work, due to the increase in your heart rate. Very short rest intervals won’t allow for enough recovery and you may not be able to lift as much weight.

Choosing Weight

To perform the Venus index workout, you need to choose a weight that is light enough for you to complete the exercise in good form, but it shouldn’t be too light. For example, if the workout calls for 10 reps, you need to select a weight that you can lift no more than about 12 reps. This will ensure that you are pushing yourself hard enough to stimulate muscle growth. For bodyweight exercises like push-ups where there is no weight to choose, just try to do as many push-ups as you can, even if you don’t complete all the sets.

Other Workouts and Cardio 

The Venus Index Workout can be combined with cardio, but it’s not necessary. This program does have cardiovascular benefits, because it’s a combination of strength training and conditioning. However, you can do cycling, yoga, Pilates or whatever you want along with this system. The only thing you need to avoid is doing other strength training workouts at the same time, because it might lead to overtraining or overuse injuries.

Q&A about the Venus Index Workout:

Why do I need a weight training program, isn’t cardio enough?

Cardiovascular exercise is beneficial for your health, but it won’t shape your body. It’s even questionable if it can help you burn fat. Cardio does burn calories, of course, but all forms of exercise burn calories. In order to actually lose fat you will have to combine cardio with calorie restriction.

Even if you do lose fat, this is not enough to obtain the perfect body. If you don’t build some muscle, you will end up looking like an anorexic. To get an attractive and firm body like a Victoria’s Secret model, you need to lift weight.
The real shape of your body comes from your muscles. If you don’t build your muscles, you will be at the mercy of your fat distribution patterns, which are genetically determined. This means that you may spend the rest of your life complaining about your pear-shaped or apple-shaped body. However, these body shapes are just fat storage patterns that can be changed, if you lose enough fat and get well-developed muscles. In this case you can get very close to having an hourglass figure.

Will the Venus Index Workout make me look bulky?

There is no reason to worry about gaining too much muscle mass. This is very difficult for women. Women have very low levels of testosterone, which doesn’t allow them to build lots of muscles. Most of the overly muscular women you see in the magazines are on an insane amount of anabolic drugs to achieve that look. However, even if your genetic predisposition allows excessive muscular development, the Venus Index Workout is designed to train your muscles in such a way so as to create a beautiful, feminine body. This weight training program will increase the size of your muscles in the right proportions, using the Golden Ratio as a guide.

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