TACFIT Survival Review

Tacfit Survival Review

In this TACFIT Survival Review you are going to find out what this system is all about and how it can help you achieve your fitness goals. Tacfit Survival is a plug-and-play bodyweight strength program that is created by Alberto Gallazzi.

Alberto Gallazzi is a former Airborne Commando, Special Forces Police Consultant and Jiujitsu World Champion. The TACFIT Survival protocol was developed in order to help him prepare for the Jiujitsu world championships. Alberto Gallazzi has also worked as a high-profile bodyguard for very famous clients.

A few things about the TACFIT Survival Program:

Tacfit Survival can be described as a complete fitness program that incorporates the principles of jiujitsu in Krav Maga/Hisardut fighting style. It can be followed by people of many different of fitness levels, without the need of any equipment, just some space on the floor! It’s one of the few fitness systems that focus on recovery and injury-prevention and doesn’t force you to train in ways that could potentially hurt you.

If you are familiar with the other TACFIT systems, then you will find that Tacfit Survival has a lot of similarities with Tacfit Commando. In fact, it uses the same 4 day wave progression: Mobility, Compensation, Strength training and higher intensity Strength training, however Tacfit Survival workouts have a more “martial-arts style”.

What’s inside Tacfit Survival?

The Tacfit Survival Manual

In this 43-page ebook, you will find photos and descriptions of all the exercises along with month program charts. 

The Tacfit Survival Instructional Videos

Here you will find warm-up flow mobility videos, follow-along strength conditioning routines, and cool-down videos, which are divided according to your fitness level, from basic to advanced.

Online Support

What do you actually get when you buy TACFIT Survival?

TACFIT Survival is a downloadable program in digital form, so you won’t receive any physical package. The entire system will be accessible immediately after ordering. It contains 3 different workout programs that last 28 days each, which means about 3 months of workouts. The program consists of a few video files and several files in .pdf format.

Who should buy TACFIT Survival?

Even though TACFIT Survival may look like an extreme workout, it can be used by anyone regardless of their fitness level, even by beginners. If you want to lose fat, build muscle and gain strength, with the minimal risk of injury, then TACFIT Survival is for you. The only ones who may not benefit from the system are the ones who already own TACFIT Commando, due to the fact that these two programs are very similar.