Carb Backloading Review – What’s The Carb Back-Loading Diet?

Carb Backloading Review
Welcome to this unbiased Carb Backloading Review

Carb Back-Loading 1.0 is an e-book guide developed by John Kiefer. Kiefer got a Bachelor’s in Physics and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and then became a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Florida.

The idea behind Carb Back-Loading 1.0:

The Carb Backloading system is based on limiting your carb consumption until late in the day. According to John Kiefer, by consuming carbs in the evening you can maximize both fat loss and muscle gain. The human body reaches its highest sensitivity to insulin in the morning and its lowest in the evening. When you raise insulin levels by eating carbs, your body is less able to burn fat. Normally, the stress hormone, cortisol would burn fat in the morning, but this doesn’t happen in the presence of high insulin levels.

The best time to eat carbs is after your workouts. At this time, carbs will be used to repair muscles and help them grow and these calories won’t get stored as fat. So, you don’t actually have to sacrifice your favorite treats. You just have to avoid eating them early in the day.

The main features of Carb BackLoading:

  • It must be combined with resistance training.
  • You need to eat fewer than 30 grams of carbs until 5 p.m.
  • The majority of carbs should be eaten after working out.
  • You can perform your workouts between 3pm and 5pm.
  • On non-training days, you can eat carbohydrates at night.
  • You can skip breakfast.

The things you can learn from Carb Back-Loading:

  1. How to keep your insulin levels low (Timed Insulin Release).
  2. How to stop fat cells from turning carbs into fat (TGLUT Manipulation).
  3. How to maximize anabolism by understanding Circadian Rhythms.
  4. How to stimulate muscle growth (mammalian target of rapamycin MTOR).
  5. How to choose the training time that triggers the maximum amount of anabolic hormones.
  6. How to use the Modulated Tissue Response to become as lean and as muscular as possible.
  7. How to get six pack abs with minimal effort.
  8. How to know which supplements are useful and which are simply a waste of money.
  9. How to benefit from this diet protocol, if you are a woman.

What’s included in the Carb Back-Loading 1.0:

  • A 300+ page ebook, with 50 pages of references from scientific journals
  • Free upgrades for life, delivered straight to your inbox
  • Exclusive access to forums
  • Extensive support
  • 60-day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Immediate download

In conclusion:

The Carb Backloading diet protocol uses a special nutritional intake method to help your body minimize the impact that insulin has on fat cells and maximize its influence on muscles. As you already know, insulin is both an anabolic hormone and a fat storage hormone.

This program can be very useful, but don’t forget that calories still count. If you eat more calories than you burn and more calories than the ones necessary for muscle growth, you can be sure that they will get stored as body fat. So, don’t get fooled into believing that the Carb Backloading diet program gives you permission to eat huge quantities of food.

However, there is reason to believe that avoiding carbohydrates during the day and eating them at night can be of benefit.  According to a study conducted by Israeli researchers, saving carbs for dinnertime can have a profound effect on some very important hormones, like leptin and adiponectin. Leptin, acts as messenger from the adipose tissue to inform the brain, if you are hungry or full. Adiponectin increases carbohydrate metabolism and reduces blood sugar, cholesterol and inflammation. The results of the study were the following: 67 percent of the participants that were eating carbs only at night experienced a decreased desire to eat. On the contrary, from the group that was eating carbs during the day, only a 19 had reduced hunger. As you can see, the Carb Backloading diet can be a powerful way to eliminate cravings and achieve the body of your dreams.