Bikini Model Program Review

The Bikini Model Program Review
Bikini Model Program Review

The Bikini Model Program is a system created by Jennifer Nicole Lee and Angelique Millis. Jennifer Nicole Lee was a completely out-of-shape, overweight mother of two that used to weigh more than 200 pounds. After losing more than 70 pounds of fat, she managed to win Ms. Bikini America and Ms. Bikini Universe and decided to share her program with the world. Since then, Jennifer Nicole Lee has helped many women achieve the body of their dreams and has appeared on many different TV shows like Oprah, Entertainment Television, and others.

The goal of this program is to help you:

Eat Like A Bikini Model
The Bikini Model Diet consists of eating 6 meals per day of complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats.
 Exercise Like A Bikini Model
The workout routines are designed to help you build a toned feminine body. The workouts are under one hour and need to be performed 4 to 6 times per week. There is no need for joining the gym or taking expensive supplements. The only things you need to follow this program are: a mat, bench and set of weights.

Look Like A Bikini Model
The system includes tips on skin and hair care, cellulite, teeth whitening, cosmetics, stretch marks, safe tanning and everything you need to know, in order to achieve the bikini model look.

Think A Bikini Model
Jennifer Nicole Lee uses many techniques to motivate everyday women to lose weight and attain the bikini model physique.

Product Details

Bikini Model Program:

The Bikini Model Program comes in two editions:

Basic Edition – This edition includes: the Bikini Model Program E-book (which contains 208 pages), the Bikini Bootcamp Program in .pdf, the Motivate to Lose Weight! MP3 Audio, and the Kill Your Craving Monster ebook.

Deluxe Edition – This edition includes everything that is inside the Basic Edition plus 3 bonuses: the 7 Slimming Secrets To Jump Start Your Weight Loss now ebook, the 101 Things Not To Do To If You Want To Lose Weight ebook and the 31 No Will Power Ways To Lose Weight ebook.

Bikini Model Program Diet
So, what kind of diet do you need to follow, if you want to look like a bikini model? According to Jennifer Nicole Lee, the best diet plan is the following: Eat a big breakfast, a regular lunch, and a small dinner. Every meal should consist of lean proteins, fibrous carbohydrates and whole grain carbohydrates, apart from dinner. Jennifer Nicole Lee believes that women who try to obtain the bikini model look shouldn’t eat complex carbs for dinner.

Breakfast is an essential part of the Bikini Model Program, because according to the author, skipping breakfast may cause you to eat more later on the day and will slow down your metabolic rate. Even though there is actually no scientific proof that this is true, eating frequent meals may be helpful, especially if you experience a lot of cravings throughout the day.

Snacks Between Meals
The Bikini Model Program Diet, includes a mid-morning and late-afternoon snack between the main meals of the day. You need to eat a mini-meal, a protein shake or a protein bar to keep your hunger at bay.

Lunch is also a very important meal and should be of medium size.

Dinner should be composed of a lean protein source, like a chicken breast and some fibrous carbs like spinach or broccoli.

As you can see, the Bikini Model Program Diet is a pretty standard diet. However, the Bikini Model Program also contains a lot of workouts and many useful beauty tips by Jennifer Nicole Lee. To find out more about this system, go to the Bikini Model Program.