Does fat turn into muscle?

So, how do you turn fat into muscle? You don’t, because it’s completely impossible.
This is one of the most ridiculous muscle myths out there that simply refuses to go away. Our bodies are incapable of turning fat into muscle, because fat cells and muscle cells are completely different tissues. It’s like saying that you can turn your eye into an ear.

Fat Cells vs Muscle Cells

Body fat is related to your caloric intake. If you consume calories in excess, whether it comes from carbohydrates, dietary fat or protein, this excess will turn into body fat. On the other hand, muscles are made up of individual cells, known as muscle fibers. Even though there is no way to actually increase the number of muscles fibers, you can increase their size through muscle training.

But, how did this outrageous muscle myth come about?

When an overweight person starts to train with weights and simultaneously follows a diet program, two things will happen: he will lose fat and gain muscles. This will give the impression that fat has converted into muscle, but the truth is that muscles will have simply replaced fat. This muscle myth would be pretty harmless, but unfortunately it has put a lot of people away from bodybuilding.  Many people seem to believe that that there would be no point in increasing their muscle mass because once they stop, all this muscle will turn into fat.