Who Wants To Lose Weight?

Have you ever tried to lose weight? If you have, then I’m sure you have followed a fad diet at least once in your lifetime. You know what I mean. A diet that has some special trick like don’t eat carbs, don’t eat dairy, eat 6 times per day, eat 9 times per day, don’t eat anything after 6 pm etc. Ask yourself this question, if these tricks actually worked, then why did all your efforts result in failure? Isn’t it time to throw away all these stupid and useless rules and truly understand what weight loss is all about? Isn’t it about time to get back to basics? So, what are the basics?

It’s the calories.

According to many marketers, mentioning the word calories is considered bad marketing. Marketers know that people don’t want to hear about calories. People want to hear about a magical solution that will eliminate fat, with no effort on their part. People want to hear that they are not to blame for their weight gain. Some “bad food” or some “bad hormone” is to blame. But, guess what? Denying responsibility means denying your power. And you do have the power to obtain the body of your dreams.

Accepting the fact that losing weight is all about calories, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to count calories in order to lose weight. There are many ways to reduce your calorie intake without actually counting calories. I've found that the only guides that describe this process accurately are the ones created by John Barban.

Calorie reduction is the basis of all the low-carb diets and fad diets out there. They don’t specifically mention the word calories (bad marketing), but they force you to eliminate so many foods from your diet that you actually end up eating fewer calories. And of course you lose weight, but not due to the absence of all the “evil foods”, but due to the negative energy balance.

Losing weight is all about calorie control. Someone could actually lose weight on “the junk food diet”, if the energy balance was negative. And someone actually has. Professor Mark Haub from the University of Kansas wanted to teach his students that calorie counting is what matters most when it comes to weight loss.Of course, this was just an experiment. He never said that this diet is healthy. He simply wanted to prove a point. And he did just that.

Is he a liar? And if so why? What would be his motive?

Realizing that creating a calorie deficit is the basis of weight loss means you've already got started in your understanding of how to really lose weight. You've taken the first step towards obtaining the body of your dreams. If you'd like to take the next step, I'd recommend you to read the following reviews about the most effective weight loss and fitness plans on the market. 

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