Dairy Products And Weight Loss

According to many scientific studies, dairy products that are low in fat can contribute to weight loss. The first research data was obtained from animals 10 years ago and in recent years these findings have been validated in humans. The ability of dairy products to aid weight loss seems to occur due to their calcium content and some other milk proteins that act synergistically with calcium.

The calcium we take through our diet is thought to play a vital role in regulating energy metabolism and particularly the metabolism of dietary fats. According to the studies, weight loss diets that are rich in calcium seem to increase lipolysis and contribute to maintaining a fast metabolism. In one of the first studies conducted in humans, the researchers compared two groups of volunteers who followed a diet with the same amount of calories, except that one of the groups consumed 3 servings of low-fat dairy products (milk and yogurt) daily and the other did not consume any dairy. It was observed that the group that followed the diet that was high in dairy products lost significantly more weight compared to the other group.

However, when the researchers tried to increase the calcium intake through supplementation the results were not the same. This made them conclude that the ability of low-fat dairy products to accelerate weight loss is probably due to other ingredients found inside milk. These ingredients may be certain peptides, like milk proteins, which indirectly contribute to the increased lipolysis in the presence of calcium.

Although the exact mechanism appears to be complicated and further studies are needed, the most important finding is that dairy products that are low in fat (and particularly milk and yoghurt) are probably a very good way to accelerate weight loss. Eating at least three servings a day, seems to help prevent and treat obesity, of course in combination with a low-calorie diet.