Spot Reduction Myth – Is Spot Reduction Possible?

What is local fat anyway?

The human body has fat cells, which have the ability to store energy. Women usually store energy on the buttocks and thighs and men in the abdomen. Other areas where fat may get stored is the arms, the back and legs. However, sometimes these fat storages create aesthetic problems and maybe even health problems (stomach fat).

Is Spot Reduction Possible?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Fat loss can only be happen all over the body and in no case can it be achieved only locally.

What about plastic wraps that are supposed to help you sweat off the extra fat?

These things not only are not helpful, but they can be dangerous since they increase the risk of dehydration. You actually lose only fluids, which may help you lose a few inches temporarily, but you will by no means lose fat.

Can I use exercise for spot reduction?

No. Some people think that by working out specific muscles they will activate the fat storage of those particular areas and achieve local fat loss. This is utterly false.
A typical example is the tennis players who may have a more toned playing arm, but the subcutaneous fat is the same in both arms.

So, what can be done to lose local fat?

The first thing you need to do is to change the energy balance. By consuming slightly fewer calories than you burn, you will force your body to use some of the stored energy. It is, therefore, necessary to follow a low calorie diet. Aerobic exercise for at least 45 minutes 3-4 times a week can also be helpful. Simultaneously, you will also strengthen the muscles located in the problem areas. You must of course understand is that there are no magical and easy ways to lose local fat, which means that you will have to also reduce your total body fat.

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