Two Very Common Myths:

1) Dinner makes you fat. Wrong. The total amount of calories you consume throughout the day is what makes you fat. The usual argument is that you are not going to burn the calories you consume at night because your metabolism will be slower. So let's take two people who eat exactly the same calories. The first one eats only in the morning and the second one eats only at night. The first the will burn the calories he had consumed at breakfast during the day. The second one will indeed store the calories he had consumed at night as fat. But what will happen the next morning? What will the second person burn for the entire day? Of course the calories he had consumed the previous night. So meal timing makes no difference. The question is how much you eat and not when you eat. (Actually meal time may be important for several other things, but this is relevant only to bodybuilders).

2) Abdominal Exercises will lead to a slim waist. This though is also wrong, because very simply there is no local fat loss. I repeat: THERE IS NO LOCAL FAT LOSS. Once again: There is no spot reduction. The areas we gain and lose fat are genetically predetermined. Some people store more fat in the abdomen, some others store more fat in the buttocks. So, no matter how many abdominal exercises you perform, the fat that exists above the abs will not go away. Abdominal exercises simply strengthen the muscles of the abdomen. But, to burn the fat you need to diet. This way you will slowly lose fat all over your body, and there is nothing you can do to spot reduce. If you continue to lose weight, you will inevitably lose fat from the areas you want, but there is no way to force your body to lose fat specifically from the belly.

However, there might be a small trick you can use especially if you are a woman.
It seems that running may help women who have more fat from the waist down. Not to burn more calories, but to mobilize the fat in that region more effectively. 30 minutes of jogging 4-5 times a week would make things a little easier. The reason why this happens has to do with the different concentrations of alpha and beta receptors between men and women, which will be the subject of another post.

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