Detoxification – Here We Go Again!

Detoxification is a term used in medicine for the victims of poisoning or for drug addicts. Nevertheless, many "experts" abuse the concept of detox. 

The “sin” of overeating creates the need for an inner cleansing. The guilt and the subsequent need for atonement for the overconsumption of calories is not necessarily a bad thing, as it may lead to positive life changes. But, the various detoxification programs are not the way to bring these positive changes into your life.

According to their philosophy, our food choices should be limited to fruits and vegetables to detoxify the body from the toxins found in meat. There are many variations, but the central concept is the same. Meat, eggs and dairy products are unhealthy choices.

But, why is the notion of detoxification wrong?

  • It ignores basic biochemistry. The human body has the liver, which is an effective organ that binds many of the potentially dangerous substances.
  • It divides foods into good and bad foods. Fruits and vegetables are good and meats are bad. If only things were that simple! This division makes absolutely no sense, because a person can be healthy or unhealthy regardless of being a vegetarian or not. The over-consumption of fruits has the potential to lead to obesity and poor health.
  • It ignores the basic principles of toxicology. Being able to flush out all the toxins in your body can be very tempting. But, what exactly is a toxin? The toxins are poisonous substances. The truth is that any substance (either from meat or fruit) can have toxic effects if you eat too much of it. A substance is not classified as harmful or safe regardless of the dose. One example is the advice to drink a lot of water. Water may be essential for life, but the overconsumption of water may even lead to water intoxication. This is a potentially fatal disturbance in brain functions that happens when the consumption of water exceeds the safe limits.
So, the bottom line is: eat everything in moderation.

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