Perfect Measurements For A Woman

Perfect Measurements For A Woman

Is there really such a thing as the “perfect” body measurements for a woman? And what is perfect anyway, isn’t it a subjective term? Well, not exactly! To believe that perfection is subjective is to believe that beauty is subjective.

Let’s see the definition of beauty, by A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, esp. the sight. This means that beauty is “that which when perceived; pleases.” And most people agree on what is pleasurable to look at and what is appalling to look at. A deformed face will cause an instinctive feeling of repulsion in most people. The face of Grace Kelly, on the other hand, will cause feelings of awe and admiration. Even though there is some variation on what people find beautiful, this doesn’t negate the fact that beauty is largely objective.

So, what does make a body beautiful? Here are the 3 most important measurements:

Waist Circumference

Ideal waist circumference = height x 0.382

Don’t measure your waist at the navel. Your natural waist is at the narrowest point of your torso, underneath the rib cage. When the waist is 38% of height, it is considered ideal, but even numbers up to 43% are very good. However, if your waist is more than 50% of your height, then you should be alarmed, not only for aesthetic, but also for health reasons. 

Shoulder circumference

Ideal shoulder circumference = ideal waist measurement x 1.618

This measurement should be taken at widest point in shoulders, at ‘about armpit level’. A shoulder circumference that is about 61-62% of your height is a good indicator of overall muscle mass and can make you look toned, without creating a masculine look.

What is more, an ideal shoulder circumference can partly make up for the lack of breasts. Just take a look at this picture.

ideal female body

At first glance, Raquel Welch looks pretty busty at this picture. But, if you take a closer look you will realise that he breasts are not particularly big. Her perfect shoulder circumference adds some volume to her upper body and creates a beautiful contrast with her slim waist.

Hip Circumference

Ideal hip circumference = ideal waist measurement x 1.42

This measurement is taken at the widest point of the buttocks. Your waist and hip circumference make up your waist-to-hip ratio (WHR). There are many scientific studies that show that a low waist-hip ratio (WHR) is an important measure of female attractiveness. For example, in this study men were asked to rate front-posed photographs of the same woman at different breast sizes and waist-to-hip ratios. Men rated the images with a small waist and an hourglass shape as most attractive, irrespective of breast size.

So, now that you know how to determine the perfect measurements, the next step is to find out how to get them. In most cases, it’s not enough to just lose weight. You may also have to add a little muscle in specific body areas, because muscle dictates a large part of your shape.

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Thyromine Reviews

Thyromine Reviews
Thyromine is a dietary supplement that can boost the function of the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland regulates the body’s metabolic rate. When you suffer from hypothyroidism, apart from weight gain you may also experience lack of energy and fatigue. Other possible symptoms are: constipation, heavy menstrual periods, muscle aches, dry skin, high cholesterol and sensitivity to cold. The problem is much more common in women compared to men. In fact 10 times more women suffer from this condition. If you suspect that your thyroid gland may not be functioning properly, you can ask your doctor to do a blood test in order to measure your hormone levels. If there is indeed a problem you can use Thyromine.

What’s Inside Thyromine?

Thyromine Ingredients

Ginger: it is rich in magnesium, potassium, Vitamin B-6, copper and manganese, which are very important nutrients for the health of the thyroid.

Adrenal Powder from Bovine: this powder addresses the health of the adrenal gland simultaneously to the thyroid.

Piper Longum: it boosts thyroid hormone levels and improves the function of the digestive system.

Nori: this seaweed is rich in Iodine, which is essential for thyroid health.

L-Tyrosine: it is vital for the function of the brain and the nervous system and it acts as a precursor of thyroid and adrenal hormones.

Guglipid: it lowers cholesterol and has thyroid boosting properties. If your T3 (Triiodothyronine) levels are currently low, guglipid can be helpful.

Thyroid Powder From Bovine: it comes from free range organically fed animals and has a high content of levothyroxine and liothyronine which support thyroid health.

Can Thyromine Help You Lose Weight?

Thyromine can help restore the function of the thyroid gland. This would also normalize the metabolic rate. However, in order to lose weight you will have to create a calorie deficit. Try to eat smaller amounts of food and exercise often. Also keep in mind that Thyromine can take a few weeks to work, so you will have to be patient. Don’t expect overnight results.

Does Thyromine have any side effects?

Thyromine has no known side effects, but just to be on the safe side pregnant and lactating women, and people on a blood thinner, should consult their health care professional before taking the pills.

Age Well With The Venus Factor

Venus Factor Reviews
Can the Venus Factor program help you slow down the aging process? The answer is yes!

First of all, achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight can have an anti-aging effect by itself. Body fat is not inert. It’s actually an endocrine tissue that produces various hormones, as well as inflammatory cytokines. Getting rid of excess body fat can make you look, feel and actually BE younger.

Additionally, due to the fact that the Venus Factor enables you to achieve the ideal waist, you may avoid many other health problems that are associated with waist size. As you may already know, having a large waist is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Another very important anti-aging benefit of the Venus Factor is that through fat loss and strength training you will be able to keep your testosterone at a healthy level. Now this may not sound very appealing if you are a woman, but the truth is that women do need some testosterone for optimal health. Testosterone can improve vitality, joint health and bone density and may also reduce depression.

Unfortunately, women (as well as men) experience a decline in testosterone production as they age. Estrogen and testosterone are at their highest levels, when women are in their early 20’s. This gives them both femininity and vitality. By preventing the reduction in testosterone that occurs due to aging, you can keep your bones healthy, boost your libido, improve your mood and increase you energy levels.

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Can Venus Factor Help You Reduce Cellulite?

Venus Factor Review
Can The Venus Factor weight loss and strength training program help you get rid of cellulite? It sure can help you lose fat and build muscle, but isn’t cellulite a whole different matter?

The truth is that ‘Cellulite’ is a slang term that means nothing, scientifically speaking. The orange peel look is simply caused by the basic structure of fat cells, which is different between men and women.

Every time we increase our weight, fat gets stored in little globules, which are contained in tiny compartments of connective tissue. Imagine something like four walls and a ceiling surrounding the fat. So when you accumulate fat, the walls start to bulge and the ceiling stretches upwards. This means that cellulite is simply fat that gets displaced upwards and creates this annoying dimpling effect. This concept is wonderfully explained in How to Get Rid of Cellulite.pdf  by John Barban and Bryan Chung.

What Is The Solution?

If you reduce the size of the fat cells in that particular body area, then the fat will stop bulging upwards and cellulite will be gone or at least significantly reduced. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, because cellulite usually appears in places where the fat is “stubborn” and very difficult to mobilize. Nevertheless, if your fat level goes down enough, cellulite will disappear. It may simply take a while longer, because fat mobilization is slower in these particular body areas.

What about cellulite creams?

Some creams may be useful, because they may restore skin’s elasticity and increase the rigidity of the “ceiling”, which will reduce the bulging of fat. For example, creams that contain ingredients, such as retinol, which increase the production of collagen may be helpful. Other creams may simply act as skin irritants that cause swelling and simply mask the problem for a short period of time.

So, Can You Reduce Your Cellulite With The Venus Factor Program?

The answer is yes. Losing your excess fat is the most effective and least invasive way to get rid of cellulite and the Venus Factor system can help you maximize fat loss and gain muscle mass in targeted areas.

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Feast Your Fat Away Review

Feast Your Fat Away Review
Feast Your Fat Away is a weight loss guide created by Nate Miyaki and published on November of 2013.

Who is Nate Miyaki?

He is fitness a certified nutritional expert and fitness author that has been featured in publications like Shape, Men’s Health and Muscle and Fitness and many more. He is also a natural bodybuilding champion and has worked as a personal trainer for many years.

What Is The Feast Your Fat Away All About?

In the “The Feast Your Fat Away” guide, Nate tries to turn traditional diet rules upside down! For example he advises his followers of his diet plan to eat their biggest meal at night. Contrary to popular belief, eat a big meal at night doesn’t make you fat. Eating too many calories makes you fat. It’s the total food intake that is creating the problem. If you small amounts of food during the day and are active, then you will create a large calorie deficit by depleting energy reserves, which will a allow you to eat a large dinner without any ill effects. What is more, there is not reason to be afraid that large dinner will inhibit the production of growth hormone. If you don’t go to bed right after eating, but you allow your body enough time to digest the food, you’re your insulin will fall back to baseline levels and GH production won’t get impaired.

Nate is also flexible with meal frequency. He proposes 4 different eating patterns:

  • The Basic Fitness Spread Plan where you can eat 4-5 small caveman-style snacks during the day and feast at night.
  • The Traditional 3 Meals a Day Plan where you eat a protein breakfast, a light caveman-style lunch, and a large dinner.
  • The Intermittent Fast Plan where you skip breakfast completely, eat a light lunch, and feast at night.
  • The Warrior Diet “B” Plan where you eat only small servings of vegetables or protein during the day and eat one big meal at night.

The third option, Intermittent Fasting, seems to have some very important benefits. It prolongs the body’s ability to burn fat, because when you abstain from eating, your body is forced to burn stored energy reserves as its primary fuel source. On the contrary, when you are constantly eating, especially when the foods you choose are refined carbohydrates, then fat burning simply shuts down.

Feast Your Fat Away Reviews
What Does The Program Include?

Nate Miyaki has put together that is very easy to follow and most important, very easy to understand. The program includes the following:

  • The Feast Your Fat Away Main Manual
  • The Feast Your Fat Away Quick Start Guide
  • 4 Bonuses (The Happy Hour Handbook, The Thanksgiving & Holiday Fat Loss Manual, How to Choose Fat Burning Meals at ANY Restaurant and The Coffee Shop Fat Loss Handbook).
In these ebooks, you will find micro-nutrient tables, food charts, a shopping guide, comprehensive food databases, customizable fat loss and muscle gain templates, body composition sheets, goal setting sheets, troubleshooting tips, 15 easy to follow lessons and much more.